In order to produce milk, Dairy Cows must give birth. They are forcibly impregnated once a year and their calves are removed from them within a few hours, sometimes straight away. They can bellow for weeks after, crying out for their stolen babies.

When they are unable to give farmers as much  “quality” milk, they are sent to slaughter around 5 years of age and their flesh turned into hamburger meat. As you can see, the Dairy Industry IS the Meat Industry. 

Dairy Cows also suffer from Mastitis. It is a very painful infection that causes inflammation of a Cows udder. It's usually caused by bacteria entering the teat canal and moving to the udder. Bacteria on milkers hands, splashes from other cows infected milk, contamination from milking machines, soil and manure are all causes of mastitis. 

Udder Flaming is also done on Dairy Cows udders here in Australia to remove hair. A naked flame is put over their sensitive udder to singe any hairs but this often causes pain and burning of their skin. 

Tail Docking in Dairy Cows is quite common. It's performed surgically or by using elastic bands. Roughly two-thirds of the tail is removed usually because dairy farmers don't like to be swished in the face by a dirty tail while in the milking shed. The surgical amputation is painfully performed with no anaesthetic and causes immediate pain. The nerve damage to their stump may result in chronic pain. 

This is Dairy. 

(Photo by Unconsciously Cruel. Downloaded from the Aussie Farms Repository.)